Why do Business with MerchantCashAdvanceFast?

You can rest assured that we have the funding options to suit your business needs. Whether you have A+ credit or a sub 500 score, we have a program to help you get the financing your company needs. Additionally, small business loans often take months to close. Working capital loans help you take advantage of many vendor offers and opportunistic buys.

Our easy approval process helps merchants get funded in no time. We take the time to understand what you need to operate your business.

 There is no faster, safer, or easier way to get cash for your business. Circumstances can arise in which you may need an extra boost to make your business run smoothly. Funds can go towards inventory, improvements, debt consolidation, or any other potential needs that will ensure overall business growth. Even if your credit is not perfect, we can give you fast and easy access to the working capital you need. Think of it as working capital with flexible financing on your terms!

How a Business Cash Advance Works

A Business Cash Advance is not considered a loan, but rather a purchase of future receivables. When customers buy products or services, a percentage of the credit card sales are allocated to us. Alternatively, your business account can be debited daily, or monthly payments can be setup. A great feature of business cash advances is how quickly you can receive funds without going through stacks of paperwork. In exchange for receiving the advance, you agree to pay back the advance, plus a fee.

For example, if you need a $20,000 advance, we can fund the money in exchange for $24,000 of your future sales over the course of 6-18 months.

Advantages of Business Loans

Traditional banks or financial institutions make it difficult to qualify for financing. Business Cash Advances are a good option for individuals who do not possess collateral, have a poor credit rating, or have a limited business history. We offer the perfect solution to short-term financing to help with cash flow, purchase inventory, or other expenses.

More Reasons to do business MerchantCashAdvanceFast? 

  • Fast Access to Cash
  • Easy approval processes
  • Bad Credit OK
  • No minimum Monthly Payments 
  • No Restrictions Using Cash
  • No Hidden Fees or Upfront Costs
  • No Collateral Required 

Access to Several Loan Programs 

  • Line of Credit 
  • Traditional Loan Programs
  • ACH Advances 
  • Collateral Loans 
  • Guaranteed Funding Program
  • Same Day Funding
  • Collateral Loans
  • Commercial Refinancing 

So what are you waiting for?

If you are low on cash and need help to fund operations quickly without the fixed monthly payment of a traditional business loan, this is the perfect solution for your business funding needs. We are cash-flow friendly through daily remittances. Use the money any way you see fit!

Get Working Capital for your Business Today!