Guaranteed Funding

The Guaranteed Funding Program works by steadily depositing capital into your business checking account every 6 weeks.

Simple and Easy Financing!

  • Any Business Type
  • No Credit Score Requirement
  • Bankruptcy, tax liens, judgements okay
  • Stacking is OK
  • No Credit Check

How It Works

  • No Credit Check
  • Guaranteed funding 8 times a year
  • Stacking is okay
  • Funding amounts can be increased over time
  • Installment loans with no credit check 

The benefit of this type of offer is your money is deposited into increments rather than one lump sum. Many merchants spend the advance within the first month of their contract in a typical cash advance.

Guaranteed funding allows you the business owner to spend your time growing your business, not searching for capital.

Small business loans can sometimes take months to close. Working capital loans hlep you take advantage of many vendor offers and opportunistic buys.

How a "Guaranteed Advanced Works"

  • Ex: Funded Amount $40,000 with a payback of $54,000 
  • Disbursement Schedule: 
    • April 1 $5000
    • May 15, $5000
    • July $5000
    • Sept 15, $5000

Submission Requirements

  • Complete Application
  • Most Recent 3 Months Business Bank Statements
  • Most Recent 3 months credit card statements

Get Working Capital for your Business Today!